Since the 1950s, the Swiss medical technology industry has been playing a leading role in the development and improvement of implants. Medical devices manufactured and distributed in Switzerland stand for quality, innovation and safety. Implants have a wide range of medical application areas. In Switzerland, around 40,000 knee and hip prostheses and 70,000 artificial lenses are implanted each year; around 4,500 patients also rely on pacemakers and implantable defibrillators each year. Since 2012, implants have been systematically recorded in Switzerland, with the aim of continuously improving quality in medical implants.

Management board

Laurent Aspect
Symbios Orthopédie SA
President Section Implants

Patrick Bonaccio
Johnson & Johnson AG

Peter Dornseifer
Edwards Lifesciences SA

Section leader

Katja Grünenfelder
Heartbase Zürich AG


36 member companies


Dr. Daniel Delfosse

Vice Director

Head of Regulation & Innovation

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