Certified Medtech Consultant shqa 

The association certificate «certified medical technology consultant shqa» was offered for successful career development for employees at Swiss medical technology companies. 

Important: Due to low demand from medical technology companies and their employees, the examination will no longer be offered to new candidates in 2024. This procedure has been agreed with shqa – swiss health quality association. 

Only candidates who have not passed the examination in previous years can repeat the examination in 2024 in accordance with the examination regulations (Art. 5.5). From 2025 onwards, the examination will no longer be offered to repeaters.

Training profile

Training course

We recommend attending an examination preparation course.

Target group

The exam is aimed at Key Account Managers and Sales Specialists with office and in the field service, foreign workers who wish to acquire Swiss-specific expertise, and individuals who would like to join the professional world of medical technology. 

Admission requirements 

According to the Examination Regulations Art. 4.7. «Registration», admission is regulated as follows:

  • No new candidates will be admitted to the 2024 examination.
  • Only candidates who have not passed the examination in previous years and are repeating the examination will be admitted.

Qualification and title 

The three-hour examination is carried out by the Swiss health quality association (shqa) and comprises 90 multiple choice questions. Successful examination candidates obtain the title «Certified Medtech Consultant shqa».

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Christian T. Suffert, Anwalt, Suffert Neuenschwander & Partner (Präsident)
  • Franco Zambrino (Vizepräsident)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Paul Heini, Orthopädie Lindenhofgruppe
  • Mathias P. Gubler, Assoc. Director, Compliance EMEA, Zimmer GmbH
  • Bruno Jung, stv. Bereichsleiter Medizintechnik, Inselspital Bern

swiss health quality association (shqa)

Alpenstrasse 12
6300 Zug
Tel. +41 (0)41 500 07 80


4 April 2024

Registration closed

per person (excl. VAT)

  • CHF 1'100.- (for shqa members)
  • CHF 1'450.- (for Swiss Medtech members)
  • CHF 2'800.- (for non-members)

Self Assessment 


Claudia Guldimann

Project Manager


+41 31 330 97 78