mdr@noon 15 July 2020

The webinar series offers support for all interested parties about the relevant regulatory issues surrounding the introduction of the MDR.

The entire event will be held in English and is free of charge. It starts at noon and finishes at 13.00 h. Registration will open one month before the date of the webinar.

15 July 2020

12.00 – 13.00 h

Problems with Notified Bodies – and how to solve them

Notified Bodies are indispensable for the Medtech industry. However, NBs with MDR certification are still too few and this creates a dangerous bottleneck. Will all companies have fair and timely access to a NB? Will all medical devices be (re)certified in time? And will all patients continue to have access to the best possible care? These are a few of the questions that the panel will try to answer during the webinar.





Dr. Daniel Delfosse

Head of Regulatory Affairs

+41 31 330 97 74