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Just imagine: In the future you only have to record your medical device master data on one central database. The rest will be handled for you: from data transfer to all relevant official databases such as the EUDAMED of the European Commission, the GUDID of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), or to Swissmedic’s planned Swissdamed – to data transfer to Swiss hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and distributors. The data exchange platform firstbase healthcare, created by GS1 Switzerland, offers precisely this service. It is based on three principles; «from the source», «once only» and «from machine to machine». In recent months, many renowned Swiss hospitals and medtech companies have collaborated closely to develop the platform. 

Swiss Medtech, H+, and refdata are all active partners. Together, we are committed to establishing firstbase healthcare as an industry-wide solution for the efficient management of master data. Depending on your portfolio, your company may be able to save significant amounts of time and money. Swiss Medtech members choosing firstbase healthcare will receive a 25% discount in 2023. Use the code «first-base2023» to redeem the discount during the registration process.

Dr. Daniel Delfosse

Vice Director

Head of Regulation & Innovation

+41 31 330 97 74


firstbase healthcare