The members of the section Rehabilitation aim to provide optimum support for people with reduced mobility and to adapt the technology and financing of aids and services to their needs. In this section, manufacturers and dealers promote the reintegration of individuals affected by illness and/or accidents into their professional and social environments. From walking sticks and wheelchairs to nursing beds, the experts support and advise their customers when selecting, using and adapting the necessary product or aid. They establish contact with the health insurance providers (such as IV, AHV) and help those affected to deal with the respective situation.

In order to continuously optimise and coordinate the rehabilitation services, the sectopm is dedicated to providing the best possible framework conditions. The wheelchair tariff was introduced at the beginning of 2018. Together with Ortho Reha Suisse (ORS) and the health insurance providers, the section has developed a new, fixed-rate reimbursement concept and strongly advocates individual and needs-based patient care.

Who we are

The section Rehabilitation comprises dealers, manufacturers and importers that operate in the field of rehabilitation. The field of rehabilitation faces a number of challenges. Topics such as the new European and national medical devices regulation, as well as the training of qualified professionals require the effective and coordinated representation of interests.

Who can participate

Employees of Swiss Medtech member companies in the field of Rehabilitation.

Our goals

  • Providing optimum support of individuals with reduced mobility with advice and appropriate aids and services
  • Adapting technology and the financing of aids and services to individual needs
  • Providing basic education and further training in industry knowledge for employees and career starters

Our activities

  • Developing and advancing reimbursement concepts and tariffs with health insurance providers and authorities
  • Establishing guidelines and leaflets for patient-related care
  • Organising, implementing and monitoring the professional examination for «Specialist in Rehabilitation Technology» with federal certification (Specialist in Rehabilitation Technology course)
  • Representing interests: Positioning the section as a point of contact for related questions and influencing the regulatory framework conditions

Tobias Geiser

Section Head


+41 31 330 97 80



61 member companies