Application For the Swiss Medtech Award 2021

All entries received before 28 February 2021 will be considered for the competition.

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Participation criteria

Participation in the Swiss Medtech Award is open to companies, research institutions or syndicates from the Swiss medical technology industry.

The following criteria must be met in order to be admitted to the competition. In cases where it is unclear whether a candidate fulfils the criteria, the jury has final say.

Project-related criteria

At least one of the following project-related criteria must be met.
Project-related criteria
The candidates develop new medical products and can demonstrate a benefit to patients in studies or on the market.
The candidates have implemented new solutions that lead to identifiable cost savings in the healthcare sector.
The candidates have contributed to the development of groundbreaking technologies or procedures that will strengthen the Swiss medical industry.

Formal criteria

Both of the formal criteria below must be met.
The achievements and provision of services must have been performed to a significant extent within Switzerland. 
Candidates can provide supporting documents and/or references as evidence of their achievements.


Bettina Knellwolf

Project Manager


+41 31 330 97 77