Guide to the [INSIGHT] events


[INSIGHT] is an event programme created especially for Swiss Medtech members. The platform aims to provide members the opportunity to position and present their company and their work within the association’s network. [INSIGHT] symposiums feature specific-specific content and highlight current issues from various perspectives.

Swiss Medtech facilitates up to four specialist [INSIGHT] events per year – organised and hosted by a diverse range of organisations. The slots are allocated on request and are coordinated closely with other planned event formats.


Swiss Medtech service package

Swiss Medtech supports its members with the organisation of every [INSIGHT] event.
Swiss Medtech offers the following services:

  • Assistance with programme planning (if wished)
  • Creation of an event website – including an entry in the association’s official event calendar
  • Management of registration forms and attendee information (cancellations, waiting list, registration deadline)
  • Distribution of one (or max. two) invitation mailings for the event – with host as co-sender – to target groups selected from the Swiss Medtech network
  • Compilation of attendee lists prior to the event
  • Upload of content to the website following the event (if wished)
  • No (or only if requested) presence of Swiss Medtech representatives at the event

Swiss Medtech charges the host organisation a flat rate of CHF 3,000 (excl. VAT) per event as compensation for services rendered.

Responsibilities of the host 

The host is responsible for the following organisational aspects of the event:

  • Preparation of the contents and the programme
  • Liaising and communication with the speakers / presenters
  • Independent promotional activities for the event
  • Staging of the event in a suitable venue
  • Supplementary activities such as catering or guest tours
  • On-site management of attendees (e.g., name badges, parking, etc.)


Planning schedule

T – 1 year

Earliest possible date to reserve an [INSIGHT] event

T – 2 months

Latest deadline for [INSIGHT] event request

T – 1.5 months

Latest possible submission of texts and other content for the website and mailing

T – 1 month

Latest go-live of the website and dispatch of invitations / invitation emails

T – 1 day

Registration deadline and final dispatch of participant list to host


Date of the event


Bettina Knellwolf

Project Manager


+41 31 330 97 77


Required contents

Key data

  • Event date & starting / ending times
  • Maximum number of attendees
  • Event language
  • Contact person of the host organisation, incl. email and telephone number
  • Address of venue / event location


event description

  • Descriptive event title (max. 100 characters)
  • Short description of event (max. 350 – 450 characters)
  • Detailed description of event (max. 800 – 1,000 characters)


  • A table detailing the programme (incl. presentation titles and timing throughout the event)
  • Speakers’ title, name, function, company (incl. optional LinkedIn reference) 

Informationen about the host

  • Logo
  • Short description of the host organisation (max. 350 – 450 characters)
  • Directions / parking info (link to existing description if available)

Sending of invitation emails

  • Indication of desired target groups according to Swiss Medtech categories and subcategories, and other wishes regarding target audience
  • Invitation text (max. 1,000 characters)
  • Name, position, and email, as well as a portrait picture of the desired co-sender

If you are a Swiss Medtech member and are interested in hosting an [INSIGHT] event, please register using the form below.



Company details

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