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For a strong Swiss medtech industry
SWISS MEDTECH was established on 12 June 2017 following the merger of two national medtech organizations, FASMED and Medical Cluster. The new association represents the interests of the Swiss medtech industry. The aim is to maintain international competitiveness, innovative capacity, and to strengthen the domestic market.
Image source: BVMed
Image source: BVMed

Whether it be syringes, implants, wheelchairs, or MRIs - medical technology supplies people, doctors, and hospitals with vital products and applications. The domestic medtech industry generates annual sales of 14.1 billion and exports of 10.6 billion Swiss francs. It contributes 2.2% of the GDP. Swiss Medtech supports the Swiss medtech industry's continuing contribution to health care and the economy, as well as its ability to remain competitive internationally.

The Association represents the interests of the industry and serves 1,350 companies and 54,500 employees. It is committed to rapid patient access to innovation and high-quality standards. Swiss Medtech also initiates specialised training programmes, challenges rising levels of regulation, and pushes for free trade and fair tariffs. Together with its specialist groups and partners, the Association is committed to favourable conditions and to an attractive setting for research and other professional activities within Switzerland.

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BREXIT: Threatening consequences for the medtech industry

16.3.18 Starting 30 March 2019, British "Notified Bodies" and representatives could lose their legal status and would no longer be authorised to issue EU Certifications. Swiss Medtech recommends that all affected companies follow the negotiations closely.


European Patent Office reports growing demand with Medical technology as top field

8.3.18 The EPO received nearly 166 000 European patent applications in 2017. Switzerland again topped the ranking. And Medical technology remains the field with the greatest number of patent applications (up +6.2%).


Swiss Medical Device Laws to Align With New EU Regulations

6.3.18 “Adjustments, in particular to the Therapeutic Products Act (TPA) and to the Human Research Act (HRA), aim to build a solid statutory basis for a complete overhaul of the MedDO. The complete revision of it is scheduled to enter into force in the first half of 2020,” the government said.


Medtech Remuneration Survey 2018

5.2.18 Swiss Medtech will support klingler consultants in this year's Medtech Remuneration Survey which provides all participating companies with a deeper insight into the remuneration practices of the sector.


Swiss Medtech Award  -  Invitation to Enter Competition: CHF 50,000 for outstanding achievements

1.2.18 The Swiss Medtech Award will be presented as part of the Swiss Medtech Day for the first time on 12 June 2018. The CHF 50,000 prize recognizes outstanding achievements in the Swiss medical technology industry. Companies can submit he application by 28 February.

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