Medical technology – what is it?

Medical technology is the basis for first-class medical care. More than 500,000 products are part of everyday life in hospitals, medical practices and in nursing. They save lives and improve the quality of life of patients, people with disabilities and the elderly. Medical technology innovations to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases support a self-determined life.

Medical technology – made for all situations 

Medical technology is more than just wheelchairs, pacemakers and computed tomography. Medical technology is also omnipresent in the life of healthy people, accompanying them for a lifetime. It is already present even before birth: the ultrasound device enables parents to have a first look at their future child. After birth, fever thermometers and plasters become constant companions. As a teenager, X-ray devices help to check tooth position, and contact lenses correct shortsightedness. After a bicycle accident, metal splints stabilise a broken wrist. The coil prevents pregnancies, while pregnancy tests confirm them. When age takes its toll, blood pressure monitors serve well here and telemedicine supports independent living in the individual's own home.

Medical devices perform an invaluable service for diagnosing, monitoring and treating diseases. They help with medical care after accidents, or make life easier for people with disabilities. What's more, when the going gets tough, medical technology products such as defibrillators or heart-lung machines save lives. Around 10,000 product families show the diversity of medical technology. They are made to protect, improve and maintain the health of every single individual in accordance with their specific needs.

What is a medical device? 

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«Medical devices are products, including instruments, apparatus, in-vitro diagnostics, software and other goods or substances which are intended to have, or are presented as having, a medical use and whose principal effect is not obtained with a medicinal product.»
(Law on Therapeutic Products Article 4 paragraph b)

Product groups 

How do medical devices come onto the market?

Source: Swissmedic