The issue of sustainability affects the entire medtech industry – from the extraction of raw materials, to production, distribution, recycling, and waste disposal. The shift towards greater sustainability within the medtech industry presents a major challenge. With its contribution of over 500,000 diverse medical devices, however, the medtech industry is also contributing significantly to one of the central goals of sustainability: Improved «health and well-being» for society as a whole.

For the medtech industry, sustainability has become a highly relevant criterion relating to market access, sector reputation, recruitment of junior staff, and access to capital. In addition to legislators, customers and investors are increasingly becoming the real drivers of progress. Their demand for data on sustainability (especially on climate protection) is growing, and extends across the entire value chain. Anchoring sustainability in corporate strategy is therefore essential for long-term success. Swiss Medtech’s support for members in this matter is primarily focused on helping establish their net-zero target. 

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