Solid basis for next important step with Europe

Swiss Medtech calls for quick, pragmatic solution for medtech industry

Swiss Medtech is encouraged by the clear rejection of the limitation initiative by the people and the cantons. The result is an explicit and repeated expression of the Swiss public's approval of Switzerland's bilateral path with the European Union (EU). The strong support from voters provides a solid basis for the next important step of reinforcing relationships with the EU. Strengthening the bilateral path is vital, as agreements lose their relevance over time if not regularly revised. The Swiss medical technology sector is the first industry to be hit hard by this: If the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) to remove technical barriers to trade for medical devices is not updated by May 2021, the sector will lose its direct access to the EU Single Market. Due to the urgency of the situation, Swiss Medtech is calling on the Federal Council to prioritise and adopt a pragmatic solution for the MRA with the EU as rapidly as possible. «Updating the MRA is not only important for companies but also - and more importantly - to ensure security of supply and patient safety domestically and abroad,» says Beat Vonlanthen, President of Swiss Medtech, emphatically.

Swiss Medtech represents more than 750 members in its role as industry association for Swiss medical technology. With 67,500 employees and a contribution of 11.5% to the positive trade balance, medical technology is an economically significant sector in Switzerland. Swiss Medtech advocates for conditions that enable the medtech industry to perform at peak capacity and provide first-class medical care.